How the Goonies Became the Most Loved Kids for Generations!

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The Goonies became everyone’s favorite kids of the 80s. When the movie, The Goonies came out in theatres, people were amazed, and now every time The Goonies, is on Netflix or TBS for the ten thousandth time, people still tune in to watch Chunk’s famous Truffle Shuffle, and all the crazy inventions created by Data. Still ever popular, the Goonies remind of us a day gone by when kids could leave the house and not return until dinner, or dark.

The 80s were the beginning of the end of a time when kids were able to just take off on their bikes and go on adventures in familiar neighborhoods and beyond. The Goonies remind of us of this magical era when we could run wild in our youth and make up adventures about pirates, or cops and robbers. Only these lovable kids didn’t make up the stories. They actually ran into robbers, treasure, and a pirate ship. Everything a kid dreamed of in real life came true for the Goonies.

And what were the Goonies? Misfits. The outcasts. The nerds, the kids who didn’t fit in anywhere else except with each other. They were not the jocks. In fact, they were made fun of by the jocks. No worse, they were going to lose their home because of the business dealings of the rich jock’s dad.

This is a hero’s story. Everything and everyone we love to root for! One of the famous lines that little Mikey says at a turning point in the movie when his friends were about to give up, “This is their time up there! But this is our time, our time down here!” It was the time set aside for the Goonies to make a difference. The reason this movie has lasted for four decades is because this is a theme that lasts. This theme resonated with kids and parents in the 80s and still holds true today. This movie is a classic because everyone loves an underdog, a Goonie. The screen is full of goonies. Even Lars, the rejected son and brother of the gang family is a Goonie. And Lars becomes a hero, as he rips apart his shirt to reveal a Superman “S” logo shirt underneath at just the right moment.

And speaking of Lars. He and Chunk met in the dungeon and became a team after Chunk met up face to face with the Fratelli gang. When Chunk was caught and asked to tell the gang everything, this led to one of the funniest parts of the movie.

Chunk began confessing his various transgressions of his youth, "In third grade, I cheated on my history exam. In fourth grade, I stole my uncle Max's toupee and I glued it on my face when I was Moses in my Hebrew School play. In fifth grade, I knocked my sister Edie down the stairs and blamed it on the dog. And then there was the time I went to the movie theatre…" This is one of the best 80’s monologs by a kid of the decade.

The girl characters, Andy and Stefanie were also important as they were strong characters, and also fun additions for older teens to help relate to the entire cast. Providing both comedy relief and also being a great role model for saying no to a guy who just isn’t that nice. When Andy sends Troy his letter sweater up on the bucket in the well, she is telling him she does not want him and the way he behaves. His response? “ANDY! YOU GOONIE!” he yells down the well. Nice guy.

The movie, The Goonies has everything. Of course, in the end, treasure is found and the town of Astoria is saved. The Fratelli gang is rounded up and all the kids are safe. Our Goonies are the heroes of the day and we have a movie and characters to pass down from generation to generation. The 80s gave us so many things, but the resounding theme in The Goonies is that kids can make a difference in their communities and the world, and who doesn’t love that? 

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Peggy DeSeure


Peggy is an author, freelance writer, teacher, and mom of two beautiful daughters who were born in the 80s. Hence, Peggy loves all things 80s! One of her joys is passing down stories of her favorite movies and fun pictures from the 80s to grandkids. And, there are many talks spent reliving those days with friends and reminiscing about that thrilling decade!